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Business IT Support

Helping your business thrive through technology

Information technology has never been more important in the workplace, providing the platform to allow your business to be successful

However the nature of these complex platforms means inevitably that there will be problems and faults from time to time. Our role is to limit the impact of those problems to your business, and whenever possible prevent them before they affect you!

All Inclusive Service

At NVOYY we don't believe in complex segmented contracts, we support your entire system hardware from server to network to PC and all industry standard software. This comprehensive contract covers all on-site, remote and telephone support.

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Key Features

Included Active Anti-virus

All our contracts include antivirus and malware protection as standard. There is no additional subscription or purchase - everyone is covered at no extra cost.

Monthly Agreement

We know that feeling trapped in a contract sucks! At Dragon you enjoy all the benefits of a fully managed IT provider, on your terms, without the lengthy contract and just a single monthly commitment.

Disaster Recovery Planning

To protect you we create & maintain a full disaster recovery plan. Your disaster recovery plan outlines everything we do to protect your business from data-loss and service interruption.

Monthly Reporting

Our Smart Monitoring software generates an automated monthly report which provides a list of active and resolved problems, tickets and outstanding issues that have occurred during the month.

Plans To Suit Your Needs

/ Device per Month
  • Active Antivirus
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Discounted Support Rates
Popular Choice
All Inclusive
/ Device per Month
  • Active Antivirus
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Smart Monitoring
  • All Remote & On-Site Support
Pay as you go
/ hour
  • Remote & On-Site Support

Bringing You Onboard


System Audit

We visit your office and carry out our standard system audit to understand how you and your IT currently works.

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Audit Report & Roadmap

Once we've collected our audit information we compile it into a simple report and outline our recommendations in a roadmap plan.

Onboard Day

We set a day aside to visit your offices to install our management software, introduce ourselves to your staff and resolve any current issues.

The Future

Going forward our support team will be made available to all your staff and we will be taking a proactive role in finding the right solutions for your business.

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