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Remote working - Groupbridge


A bespoke solution allowed Groupbridge to utilise their existing IT infrastructure to provide full team remote working In response to the unprecedented restriction of Covid-19.

Customer Overview

Groupbridge Limited are civil engineering and building contractors, providing civil engineering and building solutions to a wide range of clients right across the UK, on a 24 hour, 365 day a year basis.

The Brief

Our Solution

Similar to many businesses in reposes to the unprecedented restriction of covid-19, Groupbridge demanded a remote working solution for their team, like yesterday!

Having recently invested in a new onsite file sharing solution to host their file shares, Groupbridge needed a method of accessing their server for all their staff. The solution was to add remote desktop services to their server, allowing their staff to remotely log on and work on their server over a simple internet connection, without the need for VPN connections or complex processes.

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